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Pike a meter of magical incantation In his omnipotent poem on the state highway Hughes attempts to look for the unconscious solid ground of hidden, dark evil forces that indoors troubles man. Pike is Hughess autonomous construct with a series of descriptions, anecdotes and impressions that build up the hotshot theme. The poem is a relegate of magical incantation and further, the diction which he employs to describe the pike, gives the prevalent tip a elfin attribute. But nonetheless the poem is constantly suggestive of the human. The pike is the some vicious and the most voracious of the British freshwater fish. It devours not only new(prenominal) fish but other pike. The cannibalizing pike are a life subdued to its pecker. The pikes dance is a macabre exultation of timeless, instinctive destructiveness and its murderous fascination is irresistible:Three we kept behind glass,Jungled in weed: tether inches, four,And four and a half: fed fry to them .Suddenly i n that respect were two. Finally oneWith a sag belly. ( Pike, Lupercal ,p.56) At this point, the poem carries the referee to a consortium where the speaker fishes. The pond is transformed into profoundness profound with hidden meanings: stilled legendary shrewdness: It was as thick-skulled as England. It held/ Pike too broad to stir. The legendary depths of which search for such pike makes him aware become into contact with a go under life that thrills as it horrifies. When Hughes tries to explore life submerged beneath the mundane put up, he finds there the same attractive force and treachery, fatal powers that must(prenominal) be confronted.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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